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We are committed to customer service. Our reputation is built on results. We work with clients to provide expert lawn and property maintenance customized to suit your needs with convenient scheduling.

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Lawn Troubleshooting
Got grubs? Thin, patchy grass? What is your lawn trying to tell you? Our trained professionals will provide a detailed lawn analysis including an overall assessment of your lawn, identification of weeds and pests, and recommendations for achieving a healthier lawn.
Poison Ivy Extermination
The first step in poison ivy control is identifying it. Poison ivy leaves vary greatly in shape and colour. They characteristically have 3 leaflets, ranging from green to red, some with smooth edges and others jagged. Upon contact, the toxic oil urushiol may cause a red, itchy rash.

A provincially allowed pesticide application done by our licensed technician will kill the existing plant from the leaves down to the root.

Licensed Pesticide Applicator
Our licensed technician applies provincially approved products in an efficient manner to minimize their release into the environment.
Lawn aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil in order to break up soil compaction, allowing oxygen and water to get down to the root. The treatment is key to stimulating root growth and encourages the penetration of air, water, and nutrients into the soil. It is typically done in the Spring and/or Fall.
Lawn Cutting
Too busy to mow your lawn? Let us take care of it. Our team provides customized lawn maintenance through weekly or monthly lawn mowing.
Lawn Fertilization
Over time, through rain or irrigation, water will leech nutrients out of your soil leaving you with an unhealthy lawn. Our licensed technician will determine the correct fertilization needed to promote and encourage growth! It is usually applied once in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.
Lawn Rolling
Lawn rolling helps to flatten your yard as well as compact any topdressing or over-seeding that has been applied.
As grasses mature, they tend to thin, especially if you are actively enjoying your lawn. Over-seeding is the spreading of grass seed over an existing lawn. It enhances growth and colour while helping to build a greater resistance to disease and drought.
Topdressing is the application of a thin layer of organic materials, such as soil or compost, spread over the lawn to improve soil biology and structure as well as levelling out any lumps or bumps. It is best done in the Spring.
Garden Bed Maintenance
Weeds happen, and we can manage that. Our team will provide as needed weeding, pruning, and edging to help keep your gardens looking their best.
Mulch is a protective covering, usually organic such as wood chips, spread over the soil surface to conserve moisture, prevent erosion, reduce weed growth, and improve fertility. It provides visual enhancement to your gardens as well. It is best applied mid to late Spring.
Hedge Trimming
Trimming is important for the health of your hedges. Removing dead or diseased parts of the plant will keep the hedge healthier while allowing new growth to proceed.
Power Washing
Power washing is the use of high-pressure water spray to remove loose paint, mold, grime, dust, mud, chewing gum and dirt from surfaces and objects such as buildings, vehicles and concrete surfaces.
Window Cleaning
Dirt, dust, and grime tend to settle on windows. Over time, this may cause discolouration and prevent the penetration of natural light. We provide customized window cleaning to both residential and commercial buildings.

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